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Only new entrants pay bond


Only people who enter aged care from 1 October 1997 can pay an accommodation bond.  For those in high level care (other than an extra service place) the accommodation bond arrangement was replaced with the new accommodation charge from 6 November 1997.  Detailed information relating to accommodation charges, including treatment of those nursing home level care residents who had already entered into an accommodation bond agreement and then commuted to an accommodation charge is contained in DI C13/98.

Existing residents of hostels and those people who enter hostels before 1 October 1997 will not be required to pay an accommodation bond or re-negotiate any amount they have previously paid as an entry contribution unless they move to a new facility.    More

Please note that nursing home residents (except those in exempt nursing homes - now known as extra service facilities) do not pay an accommodation bond but may be required to pay an accommodation charge.

Please refer to DI C13/98 for information on accommodation charges.