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Departmental Instructions

All Departmental Instructions (DIs) are published in the CLIK Reference Library for historical reference purposes.

You can navigate to a specific Instruction using the Table of Contents index to your left. Open the "Departmental Instructions" folder by clicking on the + sign next to the folder. Note that when the Table of Contents is fully collapsed, the green arrow will point to the "Departmental Instructions" folder.

Note that DIs are referenced in a variety of ways using this index. The basic form of indexing is the 'DIs by Year' index. You can use this to drill down to the specific year and then to the specific DI.

Other options include:

  • Rate Variations
  • Income & Assets
  • Eligibility
  • Reviews & Data Matching
  • FOI & Privacy
  • Legislation
  • Policy and Procedural Changes
  • System Changes
  • Advices and Obligations
  • Overpayments & Prosecutions
  • Appeals
  • Budget Changes
  • Additional Payments & Benefits

A single DI may be referenced in more than one of these indexes. Note too that indexing using categories other than By Year was only done up to and including 2004.  DIs for later years may only be found in the By Year index.