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DVA not involved in calculating bonds


It is important to note that DVA is not involved in any way in calculating or charging accommodation bonds.

Furthermore, pensioner asset data held by DVA is not passed to third parties for the purposes of calculating accommodation bonds.  However, DVA asset data may be used for Audit purposes where an aged care facility has been identified through the DH&FS risk management process.

The amount a person pays as an accommodation bond is negotiated and agreed between the person requiring care (or his or her representatives) and the aged care facility.

Where DVA is advised that a pensioner has entered low level care, or an extra service facility (exempt nursing home), our role is limited to obtaining details of any accommodation bond paid and ensuring that this information is correctly recorded for income and assets test assessment purposes.    More

Further information in this section is provided for reference purposes only to assist in understanding how the maximum bond which may be charged is calculated by an aged care facility.