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C46/1998 Vietnam End of War List - Decoration Allowance


DATE OF ISSUE:  27 October 1998

Vietnam End of War List – Decoration Allowance

Vietnam End-of-War List

The Vietnam End-of-War List was announced in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette S252 of 3 June 1998. The list contained 70 names of which 34 received medals and 36 commendations.

Medal for Gallantry

There were 13 Medals for Gallantry included in the Vietnam End of War List. The Medal for Gallantry is not presently listed as an eligible medal under s.102 of the Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986. Action has been taken to have the Medal for Gallantry prescribed under paragraph 102(5)(d) of the Act.

Decoration Allowance does not require an application and will be automatically granted to any veteran in receipt of disability pension. The grant of Decoration Allowance for recipients of the Medal for Gallantry will be from 3 June 1998 or, if not in receipt of disability pension, from the date a veteran first receives disability pension. States Offices will be advised of any veterans in their state eligible for Decoration Allowance, as result of the Vietnam End of War List, as soon as the Regulations have been promulgated.

Distinguished Service Medal

There were 21 Distinguished Service Medals included in the Vietnam End of War List. These Distinguished Service Medals are part of the Australian Honours system. The medal is for distinguished leadership in action, not for gallantry in action. This medal does not attract Decoration Allowance.

Unfortunately, there may be some confusion since the name of the Australian Distinguished Service Medal is identical to the Imperial Distinguished Service Medal awarded to Naval other ranks for gallantry in action. The Imperial medal is listed in paragraph 102(5)(a) of the Act.

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Distinguished Service Medal (continued)

Paragraph 102(5)(a) of the Act does not state whether the award is Imperial or Australian but includes the sentence that ‘the following decorations for gallantry during a war to which this Act applies or during warlike operations'. The Australian Honours System makes a clear distinction between Gallantry Decorations, which include the Medal for Gallantry and Distinguished Service Decorations, which include the Distinguished Service Medal.


The Vietnam End-of-War List contained 3 Commendations for Gallantry and 33 Commendations for Distinguished Service. Commendations do not attract Decoration Allowance.


Assistance for any questions on the Vietnam End of War List in particular or on Decoration Allowance in general can be obtained from Anthony Staunton in Service Entitlements and Policy on 02 6289 6640. Contact should be made for any claims for Decorations Allowance for medals not listed in Section 102 or for any claims relating to the Order of the British Empire.