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Admission to hospital


Where a pensioner in aged care is admitted to hospital, his or her circumstances need to be reviewed to take into account the changed circumstances.

Generally, the pensioner's place in the aged care facility will be held for the duration of their hospital stay (there is no time limit) and while this is the case, there will be no refund of any accommodation bond paid.  As admittance to hospital will generally be temporary, there is unlikely to be a change to the pensioner's residential situation.  Following discharge from hospital however the person may move from for example low level to high level care.

If the person relinquishes his or her place in the aged care facility, the balance of any accommodation bond paid will be refunded by the facility.  When the balance of the bond is refunded, the person's income and assets will need to be reviewed to take account of the funds received.

If a pensioner is assessed as a member of an illness separated couple prior to admission to hospital, this assessment will continue after his or her admission.