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Other functions of the data file


The data matching process also performs a number of other important functions.  These are:

  • It enables Centrelink and DVA to identify pensioners requiring rent assistance cancellation after 1 October 1997.
  • It identifies certain categories of residents who are exempt from the DH&FS income test.  These include persons with dependent children, persons in respite care and persons who have opted out of income testing for example and residents admitted prior to 1 March 1998.
  • It enables DVA to identify ex-prisoners of war and their level of care so that DVA can continue the current practice of paying the daily fees of these people where they receive high levels of care.
  • It enables DVA to identify certain categories of resident for whom DVA  will take financial responsibility for paying the Commonwealth subsidy associated with their care.
  • It enables DVA and Centrelink to identify the homeownership status of residents so DH&FS can check, for Audit purposes whether they are concessional or assisted residents.