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Actions arising from Report C


Report C:  “New admissions” will be produced on a daily basis.

The new admissions report should be examined to ensure that DVA has been advised of each person's admission to aged care.

Where advice has not yet been received, action will need to be taken in accordance with the procedure outlined in the section Entry to Aged Care to update the person's residential situation and other details.    More

That procedure requires that where a person is a member of a couple, the couple be reassessed as illness separated.  To assist in identifying residents who are a member of a couple, Current Method Of Assessment (MOA) indicators are included on the report.  The method of assessment indicators that correspond to an illness separated assessment are:

  • MOA 15 - for Income Support Supplement recipients;
  • MOA 16 - for war widow/ers on frozen rate service pension;
  • MOA 21, 22, 23, 25 & 27 - for other service pensioners.

Note:  a method of assessment for age pension may also apply when DVA takes on payment of these pensions for certain veterans and their partners.

The report also needs to be examined for any cases where rent assistance is still in payment.  These cases will have an RA indicator of “Y” showing on the report.  Such cases will have their rent assistance manually cancelled when the procedure outlined in the section Entry to Aged Care is applied.    More

There may be a few instances where a pensioner is:

  • a co-habitee; or
  • has been admitted to an aged care facility not approved by DH&FS; or
  • is a resident of an approved facility in respect of whom no Commonwealth subsidy is payable as the person is receiving accommodation only.

In these cases, rent assistance may still be payable to the pensioner.  However, co-habitees, residents of facilities not approved and residents who are not receiving Commonwealth Government subsidised care should not appear on the data matching file and thus should not appear on the new admissions report.