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Residential Care Details Screen


The residential care details screen shown below, can be used by examiners to enter a residents personal details.  Relevant information to be entered includes:  file number; excess income amount; and date of effect.

For a self-funded retiree with qualifying service, the excess income amount is income, excluding disability pension, above the person's free area.  For a partnered self-funded retiree excess income will be half the couple's combined income in excess of the couple's combined income free area.

This screen is available from PIPS PC main menu under the “Other” menu item.

Initially the DH&FS reference number and facility name will not exist.

Once excess income and a date of effect have been entered, however, DVA will match these residents against details included on the next data matching file from DH&FS.

Thereafter, the person's DH&FS reference number and facility name will appear on the screen.

Where a self-funded retiree has a dependent child (as defined for pension purposes), this should be entered in the dependent child check box.

The screen can also be used to view the residential care details of income support pensioners paid by DVA (service pensioners and ISS recipients) but for these people the details cannot be altered.