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DVA responsible for income testing


DVA will be responsible for income testing any self-funded retirees who, enter aged care on or after 1 March 1998, receive disability pension and have qualifying service.

Centrelink will initially contact these people and collect their income details using an income data collection form.  If the resident indicates on the income data collection form that he or she may have qualifying service, Centrelink will send the form to the relevant DVA State Office who will check out the person's qualifying service status.

Where qualifying service is established, DVA will take responsibility for assessing the residents income.

Where qualifying service is not established, DVA will transfer the person back to Centrelink who will take responsibility for assessing the residents income.

Some of the residents in this group may actually be entitled to pension (i.e. their income and assets are less than the relevant limits) but they are not aware of this fact.  Any such cases encountered should be encouraged to apply for a service pension.