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The procedure to update the income assessed for a self funded retiree with disability pension and qualifying service, is set out below.

1.Calculate income using the “What If” screen

Access the “What If” screen on PIPS PC and enter the self-funded retiree's income details and financial asset details.  Take note of the prescribed rate of income listed at the bottom of the screen.

2.Access the Residents current income details

Select the Residential Care Details screen.  This screen is available from PIPS PC main menu under the “Other” menu item.  Then enter the self-funded retiree's file number to bring up his or her current income details.

3.Enter the revised excess income and date of effect

In the “Income Amount” field, enter the person's excess income.  That is the prescribed rate of income calculated using the “What If” screen, less the income free area applicable to the person.  Also enter the date of effect.