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Operation of screen


To invoke display of residential care details, a file number must be entered and the “Person” field must be selected.

There are three input fields on this screen, the “Income Amount” field, the “Inc Date of Effect” field and the “File Number” field.

For self-funded retirees who receive disability pension and have qualifying service the “Income Amount” and “Inc Date of Effect” fields will be unshaded after a person is selected.  This will allow the data held in these fields to be updated.

The income amount that appears in the “Income Amount” field is the excess income of the individual.  That is, the amount by which the person's income exceeds the income free area applicable to him or her.

In the case of a member of a couple, the income amount that appears in the field is half the amount by which the combined income of the couple exceeds the combined income free area for the couple.

For example, if a couple have a combined income of $376, the excess income of the couple is $200 per fortnight ($376 less the $176 per fortnight combined income free area).  The income amount that would be included on the file for either member of such a couple if they were a resident would be $100 per fortnight.