Departmental Instruction

DH&FS have only requested the supply of historical data where an income reduction has occurred.  That is, where a successful income appeal has occurred or in cases where there has been a delay in processing a series of income reductions.

As income tested fees are calculated by applying income support income rules contained in the VEA and SSA, the number of successful DVA income appeal cases is expected to be very low between 1 March 1998 and 1 July 1999.

There are two instances in which information relating to a retrospective income adjustment needs to be forwarded to DH&FS.

These are:

  • cases where a resident's income is retrospectively decreased due to a successful appeal and fees overpaid by the resident need to be refunded to the resident by the aged care facility;
  • cases where a resident has specifically requested that their income be retrospectively reassessed for the purposes of varying their daily fees (ie. they have not simply requested retrospective reassessment for pension purposes).  An example of this might be where an ISS recipient is receiving the frozen rate of pension.