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C25/2006 Special Disability Trusts


DATE OF ISSUE:  10 November 2006

Special Disability Trusts


The purpose of this Departmental Instruction is to inform staff of the introduction of the special disability trusts measure and the associated changes to the Consolidated Library of Information and Knowledge (CLIK).


On 13 October 2005 the Prime Minister announced a package to assist families wishing to make private financial provisions for the current or future accommodation and care of a son or daughter with severe disability by contributing assets into a special disability trust.

The package includes means test concessions for service pension and income support recipients who have reached pension age.  These concessions apply where a trust has been established solely for the care and accommodation needs of a person with a severe disability.

Policy update

Policy in relation to clients who are the beneficiary of, or donor to, a special disability trust has been set out in CLIK.

Two new sections have been added to the CLIK Policy Library at P10/C3/S18/Assessment— Special Disability Trusts and P10/C3/S19/Rules and Requirements — Special Disability Trusts.  The structure of P10/C3 will be reviewed at a later date.

Cases to be processes by Trusts & Companies

These cases will be processed by the Trusts & Companies team.  Please direct all inquiries to Trusts & Companies on 1800 550 462 or e?mail Trust&

Contact officer

For any questions regarding this instruction please contact Christine Freer in Income Support and Aged Care Policy on (02) 6289 4738.

Jeanette Ricketts

National Manager

Income Support and Aged Care Policy

10th November 2006