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C14/2006 Income from Employment (Earnings) - Revised CLIK Policy


DATE OF ISSUE:  28 June 2006

Income from Employment (Earnings) - Revised CLIK Policy


This Departmental Instruction is to advise Income Support delegates and assessors that the current policy instruction regarding the assessment of income from employment (earnings) has been revised.


The revised policy on the assessment of earnings arises out of the Review of Earnings Workshop, held in the NSW Office in February 2006.  Policy directions on the earnings issues identified during the Workshop have been incorporated into the amended policy instruction.

Current Departmental Instruction is cancelled

The current Departmental Instruction (C19/2004), Assessment of Income from Employment (Earnings) – Revised Policy issued on 22 July 2004 is cancelled from the date of this Instruction.

Replacement policy

The revised Earnings policy has been placed in the CLIK Policy Library at P10/C1/S4, Income from Employment.

Here is a link:

Further policy revision

In the event that further issues relating to the assessment of earnings are identified, that are not presently covered by the revised policy instructions, the CLIK Policy Library at P10/C1/S4 will be reviewed.

Earnings-related issues should be forwarded in the first instance to the Policy Section inbox at NAT Policy Advisings Income Support.


The contact person is Brian Butler, Income Support and Aged Care Policy, on 16110.

Jeanette Ricketts

National Manager

Income Support and Aged Care Policy

28 June 2006