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35.3 Trim Procedures

New Files

Upon receipt of an MRCC or TMS claim, records staff will forward the claim to the MRCC section for preliminary action and registration of the claim on Defcare.

Once the claim has been registered, the MRCC assessor will:

  • send an acknowledgment letter and request further information as required
  • complete a New file request template
  • mark the DEFCARE status as 'Registry', and
  • forward to DVA's records administration section (RA).

(If necessary the file papers can be retained by the assessor whilst the file is being created. The printed template must be sent to RA though.)

RA will register the new client/claim in TRIM, print file cover labels including the barcode and create the hard file. The RA will mark the file in TRIM to the requestors' section and forward it to the requestor.

MRCC staff will retain the file until all actions are completed. Upon finalisation of all action the file should be recorded as 'Put away – DVA' on file status in DEFCARE and the file returned to RA. RA will mark the file to file room in TRIM.