These two work areas within MRCC are inextricably linked. S36(1) of the SRCA states 'Where an employee suffers an injury resulting in an incapacity for work or an impairment, the rehabilitation authority may at any time, and shall on the written request of the employee, arrange for the assessment of the employee's capability of undertaking a rehabilitation program'.


The SRCA has a strong focus on rehabilitation. Whilst Rehabilitation delegates within MRCC cannot usually meet the ideal rehabilitation outcomes of returning the injured employee to his/her pre injury employment, there is still a responsibility to take all reasonable steps to assist the employee to find suitable employment.


Therefore, there must be close liaison between Claims Managers and Rehabilitation Coordinators to ensure that any employee who would be regarded as a potential rehabilitation client is bought to the notice of the Rehabilitation Coordinators.


More detail of target groups, referral processes and rehabilitation practices and procedures generally are contained in the MRCC Rehabilitation Handbook and the Incapacity Handbook.