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Ch 49 IT Systems


DEFCARE is the IT system developed by Defence to effectively prevent and manage the human and financial cost of workplace injuries in the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO). DVA assumed responsibility for the compensation and rehabilitation modules of Defcare in mid 2004.

Defcare Users

The key users of Defcare supported systems are:

  • Defence Safety Management Agency (DSMA) in Department of Defence
  • Directorate of Compensation Policy (DCOMP) in Department of Defence
  • Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (MRCC) in Department of Veterans' Affairs
  • Civilian Rehabilitation and Compensation (CRC) in Department of Defence.
Defcare Functions

DEFCARE functions include:

  • Military compensation claim processing including payments, rehabilitation administration, reconsiderations and appeals processing as well as data reporting in the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (MRCC) in the Department of Veterans' Affairs throughout Australia
  • civilian compensation basic recording, rehabilitation administration and data reporting in the Defence civilian compensation sections throughout Defence, and for cost reconciliation in DPE Program Group in Canberra, and
  • a range of Military and civilian OHS and safety management functions including:
  • accident and incident notification and reporting
  • OHS management utilities such as statistical analysis
  • OHS investigations
  • hazard management
  • OHS audits
  • health and safety representative management.

These functions are available throughout most Defence establishments for all the Defence Program Groups. They are sponsored by the Defence Safety Management Agency (DSMA).

Defcare Expert Modules

Three Expert decision making support tools are available to assist MRCC legislative, decision making and the calculation of entitlements. The three modules are:

  • Initial Liability Module
  • Incapacity Calculator
  • Permanent Impairment Calculator.

The modules are accessed via thebutton in the relevant section of the process view for every MRCC injury claim. The modules help ensure a consistent and legislatively compliant application of the decision making process. Their use is mandatory.

A record of investigations conducted within the module is retained as a permanent part of the Defcare claim record.

Stand-alone Versions

These are available within Terminal Server for the following:

  • scenario testing
  • training purposes
  • investigation of a sequelae claim
  • backup in the event the integrated version is not working.