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Ch 2 SRCA Supplement


Last amended: 10 December 2013

What is SRCA Supplement?

A SRCA client who is provided with a White Repatriation Health Card for their treatment is required to make a co-contribution to the cost of their pharmaceuticals. The Safety Net Scheme ensures that a person does not pay for more than 60 prescription items (currently) at the concessional rate in a calendar year.  After this prescriptions are free.

The SRCA Supplement is designed to compensate a person for the co-contribution they make for each prescription item.  It is a fortnightly (tax free) payment of $6.20.

Who is eligible for SRCA Supplement?

From 10 December 2013, treatment of accepted SRCA injuries will be provided for certain defence SRCA clients under either the MRCA or the VEA (see MRCA Policy Manual Chapter 8).

Where this is the case the client may be eligible for the SRCA Supplement.

When SRCA Supplement may not be payable

A person cannot be paid SRCA Supplement if they are living permanently overseas or if they are away from Australia on a temporary basis for longer than 26 weeks.  However a person becomes eligible again on the day they return to Australia or the day they notify the MRCC of their return to Australia, whichever is the later.

The SRCA supplement is not payable to the following SRCA clients:

  • those who been issued with a card under the MRCA or the VEA (either a Gold Card or a White card for a separate injury or disease); or
  • those receiving a social security payment or service pension that includes an amount for pension supplement or pharmaceutical allowance.

In those cases the client will already be receiving the equivalent of SRCA supplement under the VEA, MRCA or the Social Security Act 1991.

Should a SRCA client in receipt of the SRCA Supplement be issued with a Gold card or with a White card for a separate injury or disease under the VEA or the MRCA or start receiving an income support payment from DVA or from the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) they will no longer be eligible for the SRCA Supplement but will become eligible for one of the following equivalent payments:

  • the Veterans Supplement; or
  • MRCA Supplement; or
  • pension supplement or pharmaceutical allowance.