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Ch 35 Custody and Transfer of Files


From time to time MRCC claims and files will need to be transferred from one MRCC site to another. Claims are to be transferred in a timely fashion with all outstanding work finalised prior to transfer. In particular the originating office is to continue to action the claim until a primary determination has been made.

For practical reasons there will be exceptions to this rule including:

  • where the claim has been addressed to and received by the wrong office e.g. a claim lodged in Canberra for a client living in Sydney
  • where the client has moved to another state and following completion of initial investigative work, referral to a medical referee or specialist is required to finalise the primary liability determination action
  • where a request has been received and the subject process is handled at another MRCC Office (e.g. Permanent Impairment, Reconsiderations).

Once a primary determination has been made the claim may be transferred to the receiving office to manage future and ongoing liability issues e.g. medical expenses, incapacity and rehabilitation issues.

Where a primary determination has been made and the client has moved to another state and requested reconsideration or PI, the file is to be transferred to the office that is responsible for that reconsideration or PI for the new state. e.g. if a client who moves from Perth to Townsville and requests a reconsideration or a PI payment the file should be transferred to Brisbane.

There is no requirement to transfer the claim where the primary determination has been made and no further action is anticipated.