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Ch 37 Audit Procedures


Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission has a Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Program (QAPIP) to ensure that the Quality Assurance practices used in the MRCC are the most effective in dealing with the compensation claims and rehabilitation caseload of the MRCC. This will result in delivery of services to injured service personnel and their families (our major clients) in the most effective manner possible. The QAPIP will:

  • review the MRCC's claims and rehabilitation management performance and systems at a local (State/Territory) and National level
  • promote best practice in dealing with compensation claims and rehabilitation case management
  • ensure that a quality claims management and rehabilitation service is provided to our clients in a timely manner
  • assist local identification of deficiencies in claims and rehabilitation management and facilitate improvements in productivity and staff effectiveness
  • provide a high level of confidence in the degree of accuracy and completeness of data maintained on Defcare, and on physical paper files associated with claims and cases, and
  • support correct and consistent application of the relevant legislation.

In summary, the QAPIP should be viewed as an opportunity to improve the quality of decisions made in relation to compensation claims (including those involving rehabilitation) and to improve our practices to ensure the best possible service to our clients.