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35.1 Procedures to be Followed


Upon receipt of a request for transfer to another state or a notification of change of address to another state or region the following procedures are to be followed. If the client has an undetermined claim they are to be advised that the claim will be fully investigated and a determination made prior to the claim being transferred. The client is to be kept informed of the action taken on the claim and advised in writing when the claim is transferred.

When transferring the claim the following action is to be taken:

  • using the 'standard letter' transfer package, both the client and the receiving MRCC site are to be advised of the transfer. Copies of the transfer letters should be attached to the claim file. Any issues the receiving site needs to be aware of should be noted under the relevant headings in the covering minute
  • the Defcare record should be brought up to date with all decisions recorded and accounts paid
  • the claim should be transferred on Defcare. See link to process at paragraph 35.2 below. The receiving site will have instant access to the Defcare record
  • the file should be forwarded to Records Administration (RA) for dispatch to the relevant state via the overnight airfreight service, and
  • email should be sent to the relevant team leader advising of the transfer with the covering minute as an attachment.

On receipt of the transferred claim the receiving MRCC site is to undertake the following action:

  • acknowledge receipt of the claim via return email
  • using the 'standard letter' acknowledge receipt of the file to the client
  • complete the system generation task, and
  • undertake any action required on the claim.