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C32/2008 Military Service in World War 2 within Australia


DATE OF ISSUE:  5 December 2008

Military Service in World War 2 within Australia


To advise that policy information has been placed in the Policy Library of CLIK in relation to military service in World War 2 (WW2) within Australia.


The Consolidated Library of Information & Knowledge (CLIK) contains all the legislative, policy and reference material used by DVA staff in providing service to the clients of the Department of Veterans' Affairs.  CLIK is also used by external stakeholders.

For quite some time, the majority of the information in the 'Military Service in World War 2 - Within Australia' folder was unavailable stating that this policy was currently under review.  This review has been completed and information has now been placed in this folder.


CLIKs Policy Library can be found at:

Start/Departmental/Reference Tools/CLIK/Comp & Support/Policy

You can find this WW2 information within this library at:

Part 1 Service Requirements/Ch3 Service in World War 1 and World War 2/S3 Military Service in World War 2 - Within Australia.

Changed Folders

The Policy Library documents within P1/C3/S3 have had the following changes made to them:

Operational Service – deleted since this information is available in the Operational Service document at P1/C2/S2.

Qualifying Service – Australian Coastal Waters – the information provided in this document has been elaborated on.

Qualifying Service – Northern Territory – Three Months or Longer and Qualifying Service – Northern Territory – Less Than 3 Consecutive Months – these documents have been amalgamated into Qualifying Service – Northern Territory and the previous “policy currently under review” statements have been replaced with information.

Qualifying Service and Operational Service – Torres Strait Islands and Qualifying Service – Rottnest Island – these documents have been deleted and any cases in relation to these areas should be determined as per the information provided in the Qualifying Service – Australian Coastal Waters document.

Qualifying Service – Single Incidents – this document has been added.


Any queries regarding this instruction should be directed to Paula Green on (02) 6289 4779 or by e-mail to

Sean Farrelly

National Manager

Compensation and Income Support Policy Group

3 December 2008