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C06/2008 Replacement of CLIKs Service Eligibility Folder with the Service Eligibility Assistant - SEA


DATE OF ISSUE:  10 March 2008

Replacement of CLIKs Service Eligibility Folder with the Service Eligibility Assistant - SEA


To advise that enhancements to the Service Eligibility folder in the Legislation Library of CLIK have been completed.


The Consolidated Library of Information & Knowledge (CLIK) contains all the legislative, policy and reference material used by DVA staff in providing service to the clients of the Department of Veterans' Affairs.  CLIK is also used by external stakeholders.

In its old format, the Service Eligibility folder in CLIK was not very user friendly, difficult to find particular Instruments/Determinations and, in places, didn't hold the correct information.  In an attempt to rectify the arduous paths presented in this folder, a new system has been created to house the documents used for determining service eligibility – the Service Eligibility Assistant (SEA).  Feedback was sought in relation to SEA from nominated contact officers in the various state locations/sections.

SEA will be available in CLIK from Monday, April 14th.


The path to SEA is the same as it was for the Service Eligibility folder in CLIK's Legislation Library but where you once clicked on 'Service Eligibility' you now click on 'Service Eligibility Assistant'.  Therefore you get to SEA by going to:

Start/Departmental/Reference Tools/CLIK/Legislation/Service Eligibility Assistant.

Once you open SEA you will see that the right hand screen of the home page has detailed instructions and helpful tips on how to use it.  Those users of the older version should find it very straightforward and easy to navigate.  To the left of the screen you will see the folder format has remained but it now appears in an alphabetical list of regions to be expanded for documents relating to those regions.  Screen dumps of the old and new versions can be found in the attachment which illustrate the differences.

For documents that cannot be found quickly, because for example the region is unknown to you, the search facility should be utilised to return all available documents related to that particular issue, such as a known operation.  Until you are familiar with the navigation of SEA, the instructions on the home page should prove to be of valuable assistance.


Any queries regarding this instruction should be directed to Paula Green on (02) 6289 4779 or by e-mail to

Sean Farrelly

National Manager

Compensation Policy Group

1 April 2008

Attachment:  Screendumps comparing old & new versions of CLIKS Service Eligibility folder