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C29/2008 Bulk Issue of 2009 NSW Transport Concession Card (TC1) and VIC Free Travel Voucher


DATE OF ISSUE:  13 November 2008

Bulk Issue of 2009 NSW Transport Concession Card (TC1) and VIC Free Travel Voucher

Replaced by DI No.



This Departmental Instruction provides information on:

  • the bulk issue of the 2009 New South Wales Transport Concession Card (TC1);
  • the bulk issue of the Victorian War Widow/Widower Free Travel Voucher; and
  • arrangements for daily issues.


The TC1 provides state funded travel concessions and is issued by DVA on behalf of the New South Wales Government.  New South Wales  is now the only state to issue the TC1.

The TC1 is issued to war widow/widowers who are not in receipt of service pension, income support supplement or social security age pension paid by DVA or Centrelink and reside in New South Wales.

War widows/widowers residing in other states may be eligible for state transport concessions through their DVA Gold Card, CSHC or other transport passes.


Both the NSW TC1 and Victorian War Widow/Widower Free Travel Voucher are valid from 1 January 2009 until 31 December 2009.


The approximate numbers to be produced from the bulk issue are:

NSW TC18947

VIC Free Travel Voucher6427


The following dates apply to the 2009 annual bulk issue:



Production data extract

24 Nov 2008

Printing, enveloping and lodgement

25 Nov - 5 Dec 2008

Final lodgement with Australia Post

5 Dec 2008


Reports will be provided to the contacts on 25 November 2008.


A 2009 fridge calendar magnet will be inserted with the bulk issue of the NSW TC1 and the VIC Free Travel Voucher.

Daily Issues

2009 daily stock supplies have been sent to the contacts.  Arrangements for issuing/replacing cards or vouchers remain unchanged.

Location Contacts

The location contacts for the TC1 bulk issue are:

NSWSue Cooneyx27874

VICMark Sarrazinx36172

Project Coordinator

The project coordinator for the bulk issue is:

Sarah Paras

Income Support

Phone:  ext  16534


John Sadeik

National Manager

Income Support

13 November 2008