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Major depressive episodes

Last amended 
5 June 2015

Alzheimer-type dementia - Major depressive episodes Factor

The psychiatric condition must be diagnosed by a psychiatric specialist and the report conform with the Repatriation Commission Guidelines for Psychiatric Compensation Claims.

Last reviewed for CCPS 16 September 2011.

Preliminary questions [41497]

41498 there is some evidence that major depressive episodes may be a factor in the development of the condition under consideration.

41499 the veteran had a depressive disorder at some time.

41539  the identified illness or injury, a depressive disorder, is causally related to operational service.

41500 the veteran has had at least two major depressive episodes.

41501 the veteran had both major depressive episodes at least 10 years before the clinical onset of the condition under consideration.

41502  the veteran has established the causal connection between the major depressive episodes and operational service for the clinical onset of Alzheimer-type dementia.

Clinical onset and operational service [41502]

41503  the major depressive episodes are causally related to operational service.