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Other SOP policy and resources

Last amended 
26 June 2023

This section contains links to:

  • SOP-related policy information issued by DVA; and
  • Other resources that may assist delegates in applying the SOPs.


Advisory notes and Commission guidelines relating to SOPs

These are SOP-related policy guidelines issued by DVA.  They deal with specific SOP issues   arising from Federal Court decisions, or after consideration of other matters by the Commissions or the Policy branch.

SOP factor information

This section contains information that may assist delegates when considering some of the more difficult to apply SOP factors, particularly for exposure to chemicals, minerals and radiation.

SOP bulletins on new SOPs

This page provides links to the current and recent SOP bulletins on new batches of SOPs issued by the RMA.

Straight through processing

This is a link to the (MRCA library) Policy on straight through processing for certain musterings and particular SOP factors.

Streamlining procedures for certain claims 

This is a link to the (MRCA library) Policy on streamlining provisions for certain SOP conditions.

SOP Bulletins and other information on particular SOP factors    

Below are links to previously issued SOP bulletins (and a related document) that provided advice and information on applying factors in SOPs for:

  1. Benzene: 

SOP Bulletin 189 Benzene (June 2023 update)   Apr 2016   New SOP factors for benzene - updated June 2023


  2. Ionising radiation: 

170   Dec 2013    Depleted uranium
151   May 2011    Ionising radiation SOP factors
145   July 2010    British Nuclear Test Participants
106   July 2006    Atomic Radiation, including BCOF veterans
42     Nov 2002    Atomic Radiation, including BCOF veterans
ARPANSA report  2002  On atomic radiation in BCOF veterans