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Allergic Rhinitis F004

Last amended 
7 November 2022
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SOP Bulletin 233

ICD Coding

ICD-10-AM Codes: J30.1, J30.2, J30.3, J30.4

Brief description

This is inflammation of the lining of the nose caused by allergy.  It is also known as hay fever.  It may occur in conjunction with sinusitis, which is covered by a separate SOP. 

Confirming the diagnosis

The diagnosis is made on clinical grounds and is usually made by a general practitioner.  No specific investigation or imaging is required.

The relevant medical specialist is an ENT surgeon or an immunologist.

Additional diagnoses covered by SOP
  • Hay fever
Conditions excluded from SOP
  • Irritant rhinitis#
  • Non-allergic rhinitis#
  • Sinusitis*
  • Vasomotor rhinitis#

* Another SOP applies

# Non-SOP condition

Clinical onset

Common symptoms are sneezing, a running and/or blocked nose, and nasal itching.  Postnasal drip and cough may also be present.

The condition may be seasonal/intermittent or perennial/persistent.  If the condition is episodic (e.g. seasonal) then each new episode does not represent a new clinical onset, but rather a recurrence of the condition.  Clinical onset will be when the condition first presented.

Clinical worsening

Clinical worsening may be evidenced by a persistent increase in the severity, duration or frequency of symptoms.