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Anosmia F087

Last amended 
11 January 2021
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19 of 2021
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20 of 2021
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SOP Bulletin 218

ICD Coding
  • ICD-9-CM Codes: 781.1
  • ICD-10-AM Codes: R43.8
Brief description

Anosmia is complete loss of the ability to smell.  The SOP covers (only) permanent, total loss.  The anosmia can arise due to a defect in the nose, the olfactory nerves or the brain.

Confirming the diagnosis  

Diagnosis is based on history and examination findings, generally involving smell testing using dedicated kits or other materials with characteristic odours. 

The relevant medical specialist is an ENT surgeon.

Additional diagnoses covered by SOP
  • Complete, permanent loss of smell
Conditions excluded from SOP
  • Partial loss of smell
  • Temporary loss of smell
Clinical onset

Time of clinical onset will generally be based on self report.  Onset may be associated with an acute event such as head trauma or a stroke. 

Clinical worsening

The only SOP worsening factor is for inability to obtain appropriate clinical management.  As the SOP covers only permanent complete loss, there will be no treatment that can modify the course of the condition.