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Veterans Supplement

Legislative Authority

Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986
Sections 118A & 118B (eligibility)
Sections 118C & 118D (rates)


Stated Current Purpose/Intent

The Veterans' Affairs and Other Legislation Amendment (Pension Reform) Bill 2009 introduced the new Veterans Supplement, payable under the VEA and the MRCA.  This payment replaced pharmaceutical allowance and telephone allowance for people who were receiving those payments and were not eligible for other payments that incorporated pharmaceutical allowance and telephone allowance.


Current Eligibility Criteria

All veterans who are in receipt of disability pension but are not in receipt of income support, all war widow(er)s who are not in receipt of income support, all Gold, White and Orange Card holders with no income support payment from either DVA or Centrelink, as well as those persons receiving DVA Orphans Pension are eligible for Veterans Supplement.

Clients that are automatically provided a White Card for Non-Liability Health Care mental health treatment upon transition from the ADF will only become eligible for Veterans Supplement once they use the White Card for treatment.


Date of Introduction

20 September 2009.



  1. Veterans Supplement is paid fortnightly (refer to Current Payment Rates).
  2. A person eligible under either section 118A or section 118B but not both receives one payment. A person eligible under both sections will receive two supplements.
  3. Veterans Supplement is indexed each January using CPI only.
  4. The payment is non-taxable and will be portable for up to 26 weeks of a temporary absence from Australia.