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ADF Firefighter Scheme

Last amended 
20 September 2021

The ADF Firefighter Scheme is underpinned by two legislative instruments:

Prescribed conditions:

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation (Defence Related Claims) (Specified Diseases and Employment) Amendment Instrument 2021, under s7(1)(b) of the DRCA.

Melanoma and colorectal cancer screening, and the Heart Health Program:

Veterans’ Entitlements (Point Cook Firefighters) Determination 2021, under s88A(1)(d) of the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986.

Original Purpose/Intent

The ADF Firefighter Scheme provides support for eligible ADF personnel who participated in fire suppression training at RAAF Base Point Cook fire training school between 1 January 1957 and 31 December 1986.

The Scheme recognises that firefighter training at Point Cook potentially exposed personnel to a wide range of hazardous chemicals at a time when personal protective equipment was not of the standard available today. 

It also reflects the potential for these firefighters to experience a broad range of health effects relating to exposure to chemicals. The chemicals were detected by the Department of Defence during remediation activities at the Point Cook Fire Training School.

Through legislative instruments, Scheme-eligible participants are able to access streamlined liability arrangements for a list of prescribed conditions.  See 22.4.5 ADF Firefighters for more information.

Scheme-eligible participants can also access screening for melanoma and colorectal cancer, as well as personalised health and lifestyle advice for 12 months under DVA’s Heart Health Program.  These benefits are available regardless of whether or not the veteran lodges any claim for compensation.

Current Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Scheme there must be information to establish that the person:

  • was an ADF firefighter, trainee, instructor or other ADF employee; and
  • took part in firefighting training at RAAF Base Point Cook Fire Training School; and
  • participated in training between 1 January 1957 and 31 December 1986 (inclusive).

Date of Introduction

20 September 2021


Significant Changes in Criteria or Purpose Since Introduction