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Dependent Children

Legislative Authority

Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986
Section 5F (definitions)
Schedule 5(10) Savings and Transitional Provisions


Stated Current Purpose/Intent

To financially assist veteran service pensioners, and income support supplement recipients who have dependent children.


Current Eligibility Criteria

A veteran or war widow/er with a dependent child or children (as defined in section 5F VEA) may qualify for Family Tax Benefit from Services Australia. A DVA income support pensioner with a dependent child or children, automatically qualifies for Family Tax Benefit Part A.


Date of Introduction

Additional pension for children has been payable since 1936.  Guardian allowance was first introduced in 1965.


Original Purpose/Intent

An acknowledgment of the additional financial strain of dependent children on persons receiving income support.


Significant Changes in Criteria or Purpose Since Introduction


Allowance for dependent children was payable to a permanently incapacitated veteran.


Additional payments made to all veterans with dependent children and the introduction of guardian allowance.


Additional remote area allowance payable to veterans with children.


Additional rent assistance made available to service pensioners with one or more dependent children.


Dependent child add-on and guardian allowance became available to income support supplement recipients.


The amount of guardian allowance was increased by $4 per fortnight for single service pensioners and income support supplement recipients, as part of a package of benefits to assist families.


Responsibility for payment transferred to the Department of Social Security (now Services Australia) on 1 January 1998.


Guardian allowance and other child related payments replaced with Family Tax Benefit Parts A & B, paid through the Family Assistance Office (now Services Australia).