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DFISA-Like Payments

Legislative Authority

Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986
Section 118NJ (regulation making power)

Veterans' Entitlements (DFISA-like Payment) Regulations 2005


Stated Current Purpose/Intent

The purpose of DFISA-like payments is to recompense those who are qualified for income support payments other than those paid under social security law.

Adjusted disability pension is counted as income for the purposes of the following income support payments administered by Department of Education Science and Training (DEST) and Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF):

  • ABSTUDY Living Allowance;
  • Farm Help Income Support (repealed 1 July 2014);
  • Exceptional Circumstances Relief Payment (repealed 1 July 2014);
  • Interim Income Support (repealed 1 July 2014).

To extend secondary benefits to recipients of DFISA-like payments, whose income support payments are reduced to nil because of the adjusted disability pension:

  • Financial payment that is equivalent to any amount that would have been payable to a person if the person had received the primary payment; and
  • Non-financial benefits such as concession cards that would have been provided to the person if the person had received the primary payment.

Adjusted disability pension means:

  • disability pensions paid under Parts II or IV of the VEA;
  • dependant pension, which is a small frozen amount paid to dependants of disability pensioners, not granted since 1986;
  • temporary incapacity allowance; and
  • permanent impairment payments and special rate disability pension paid under the MRCA.

The amount of DFISA-like payment is calculated in the same way as the calculation for DFISA.  It is the difference between the person's rate of income support payment and what the rate would be if adjusted disability pension were exempt from the assessment, but included in the calculation of any rent assistance entitlement.


Current Eligibility Criteria

DFISA-like payments may be payable to a person who is receiving or is eligible to receive income support payments from DEST if their payment is reduced because of the inclusion of adjusted disability pension in the assessment.

Since 1 July 2014, the Department of Agriculture’s Farm Household Allowance, paid by DHS, does not include adjusted disability pension in the income test of the Farm Household Allowance and thus there is no DFISA-like payment.


Date of Introduction

20 September 2004


Significant Changes in Criteria or Purpose Since Introduction


On 1 July 2014 the Farm Household Support (Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Act 2014 repealed the Farm Household Support Act 1992. The new Farm Household Support Act 2014 is not subject to DFISA or DFISA-like.