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Purpose of Instruction

This Departmental Instruction provides information on the issuing of the 1998 Pensioner Concession Card (PCC), procedures for applying for replacement travel vouchers and arrangements for the ongoing issuing of PCCs.

                             R J HAY

                             BRANCH HEAD

                             INCOME SUPPORT

Table of Contents




Card Production...................................3

Card Numbers.................................... 3

State by State Breakdown...........................4

New Clients .....................................5



Changes to Blinded Pensioners PCCs...................6


Carrier Layout....................................7

Bulk Issue Reports................................8


Ongoing Issues of PCCs from Local Printer............9

Local printers.....................................9

Manual PCC issues................................9

New stock.......................................10

Other Issues.....................................10

Left over 1997 PCC Stock...........................10

Legislative Changes to Fringe Benefit 'Saved'


Log of Problems...................................11

  • 7 Children.......................................12

Contact Officers...................................12


A - A4 Insert - 'Care of Your PCC' and

Information about your 'Australian National

Railways' Travel Concessions.........................13

B - Victorian A4 Insert -

'Ambulance Transport in Victoria.......................15

C - State Office Contact Telephone

Numbers and Addresses............................16

D - Arrangements for providing replacement

Travel Vouchers for Pensioner Concession

Card holders in 1998...............................18

E - State Office PCC Contact Officers...................20



The PCC is issued by the Commonwealth Government to all income support recipients to prove eligibility for a range of Commonwealth, State/Territory and Local Government benefits and concessions.  DVA is responsible for issuing the PCC to DVA clients.

The PCC is issued annually to all recipients for the calendar year.

The PCCs should be delivered to clients by the end of the first week in December.

The 1998 PCC is issued as a plastic card, glued face down onto a

carrier.  Rail Travel vouchers are attached to the carrier for all States which have rail transport, and for the Australian Capital Territory. Vouchers for Tasmania are for use with transport related concessions.


Card Production

Processing of the bulk issue of approximately 393,925 1998 PCCs will commence on Thursday, 20 November 1997, following the extract of client data on the weekend of 15-16 November 1997.

The 1998 PCC will be personalised, enveloped and despatched by the mailing house - Leigh Mardon Pty Ltd in Sydney.  Lodgement with Australia Post is expected to be completed by Sunday, 30 November 1997.

Card Numbers

The approximate numbers for each State/Territory for the bulk issue in November 1997 are as follows:

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Production, Continued


No. of PCCs



















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Production, Continued

New Clients

Legislation has been introduced enabling pensioners currently being paid their Disability Pension by us and their Age Pension by Department of Social Security (DSS) to transfer across to DVA to be paid both their Age Pension and Disability Pension. This makes them eligible to receive a PCC from DVA.  There are approximately 10,000 pensioners involved in the 'Bring em Back' initiative.

These pensioners will not be issued a 1998 PCC from DVA as part of the bulk issue.  The Department of Social Security will issue a 1998 PCC to these pensioners - on their transfer DVA will undertake a separate bulk issue exercise to re-issue 1998 DVA  PCC's with vouchers suppressed in line with current daily re-issue practices.  This exercise is expected to be conducted early in 1998.  You will be advised separately of this exercise.


A State specific 1998 magnetic refrigerator calendar will be included with the bulk issue of PCCs.  The fridge calendar should also be included with new cards produced in the State Offices as part of the ongoing processing.  Stocks will be supplied to the State Offices for this purpose following the bulk exercise.

An additional A4 flyer printed double-sided on white paper is to be included advising pensioners on how to “Care of your Pensioner Concession Card” and information on the sale of the Australian National Railway to Great Southern Rail Passenger Consortium.   A copy of this insert is at Attachment A.

Victorian PCC recipients (only) will receive another A4 flyer printed on white paper titled 'Ambulance Transport in Victoria'.  This insert was submitted by the VIC SO Health Program and a copy is at Attachment B.

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Production, Continued


The 1998 PCC will be a salmon pink plastic card with heading and logos in deep purple.  The travel vouchers will be the same salmon pink with black lettering.

Expiry Date will be 31/12/98 for all 1998 PCCs.

The State Office contact phone number(s) for the 1998 PCC will be determined by the file number of the client not the residential address.  See Attachment C for State Office telephone numbers and addresses.

Changes to Blinded Pensioners PCCs

The word 'BLIND' will be printed in 14 point lettering on the top centre of the 1998 PCC for blind pensioners.  The PCC for blinded pensioners issued during the bulk exercise will have a small curved segment cut out from the top and right hand side of the card.

When issuing a blinded pensioner a PCC in the daily issue the PCC stock provided and issuing procedures should apply - the program will enable the word 'BLIND' to be printed on the PCC.

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Production, Continued


For the 1998 PCC issue, neither DSS nor DVA will have the facility to issue replacement vouchers.  The PCC carriers display a warning

stating that DVA cannot issue replacement vouchers.  Where State

rail authorities have provided them, contacts and procedures for applying for replacement vouchers are listed on Attachment D.

The number of vouchers attached to the carriers will vary with each State/Territory, up to a maximum of four vouchers, able to be

separated from the carrier by perforations. The vouchers will include the pensioner's name and entitlement number, and in the case of Tasmania will also contain the pensioner's address and Date of Grant.

All card holders are entitled to only one issue of vouchers for their

residential State each calendar year except where a card holder

transfers to another State.  New grants of income support pensions must not be provided with concession vouchers if they have received a PCC with vouchers in the same calendar year.

Carrier Layout

The 1998 carrier layout remains the same as the 1997 carrier layout, with the vouchers printed at the bottom of the carrier.  As with the 1997 mailout some States have two vouchers and some have four vouchers.  Please see voucher details below:




4 vouchers on bottom


4 vouchers on bottom


1 voucher on bottom


4 vouchers on bottom


2 vouchers on bottom




1 voucher on bottom


4 vouchers on bottom

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Bulk Issue Reports


State offices will be provided with the following listings of cases:

  • Rejection Report of clients who did not receive a PCC and the reason, eg clients with an overseas address;
  • Special Register clients;
  • Lost Eligibility Cases - listing cases who have lost eligibility for a PCC between the date of the bulk extract run and the date of the PCC processing run;
  • Summary Report - A report listing the total client base for the bulk issue;
  • Blinded Cases - listing cases of blinded pensioners who receive a PCC; and
  • Blinded and Special Register Cases - listing cases where the pensioner is blind and a Special Register Case.

Arrangements are being made for Leigh Mardon to provide the State offices with a microfiche (not floppy disks) listing of all clients on the 1998 bulk issue extract.  You will be advised of the outcome of these arrangements once known.

The above reports will be addressed to the State Office PCC contact officers.  You should expect the reports to be printed in your respective State Office printers identified as: NSWBO, VICBO1, QLDBO, SABO, TASBO and WABO  on Monday, 17 November 1997, following the data extraction processing on the weekend of 15-16 November 1997.

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Ongoing Issuing of PCCs from Local Printer

Local Printers

The procedures for the ongoing issuing of new and replacement 1998 PCCs remains the same as in other years i.e., new and replacement issues of PCCs are to be extracted by batch processing each night for printing daily on the local printers located in each State Office.

The last automatic daily extract for any issue/reissue of the 1997 PCCs will be on Friday, 14 November 1997.

Manual PCC Issues

From Monday, 17 November 1997, all new grant and card replacement transactions will generate a 1998 PCC record on the client data base with an expiry date of 31/12/98.

The 1997 PCC  stock must not be used for daily extracts, from and including Monday, 17 November 1997, as we cannot then issue valid 1998 vouchers.

As in previous years the States will have to issue manual 1997 cards and vouchers for those clients who transfer-in or require replacement cards between 17 November 1997 and 31 December 1997.  (New grants are issued with 1998 PCC's from and including this period.)

Any clients transferring to DVA during the year who have already been issued a PCC and vouchers from DSS should not be issued new vouchers when given a replacement PCC from DVA.

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Ongoing Issuing of PCCs from Local Printer Continued

New Stock

Stocks of 1998 PCCs will be despatched to the State Offices from the mailing house, commencing 20 November 1997.  The remainder of leftover stock will be forwarded at the completion of the bulk issue exercise.

The 1998 PCC stock will be sent to each State Office by Ansett Courier and the signature of the nominated State Office accepting officer will be required before the goods can be delivered.  Each State Office contact officer will be advised when the stock is despatched from the Mailing House and confirmation of delivery in writing ie., a signed memorandum or minute will be required from the designated contact officer.

The format of the 1998 stock has not changed from the 1997 stock, so therefore the local printers should have no difficulty producing new cards and reissues.

Other Issues

Leftover 1997 Stock

Leftover 1997 stock of PCCs will not be required after the 31 December 1997 - you will need to record the sequential numbers of all leftover stock prior to destroying them.  Please forward details of the sequential numbers of your leftover 1997 stock to the National Office PCC Project Officer, Pat Webb in Business Delivery Section, Income Support Branch.

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Other Issues, Continued

Legislative changes to Fringe Benefit 'Saved' Cases

Legislative changes have been introduced affecting Fringe Benefits 'saved' cases.  As a result of the 1996/97 Budget, the Government announced that from 1 July 1997 - the savings provisions that entitled pensioners who are not in receipt of a service pension to receive a PCC have now been removed.

Pensioners who were previously on 'saved' fringe benefits are no longer eligible for a PCC.

A separate Departmental Instruction (DI) titled 'Removal of 'Saved' Fringe Benefits from 1 July 1997 (Rationalise Pensioner Concession Cards)' addressing these changes is to be issued pending Royal Assent.

While we do not anticipate any cases of this nature, you may receive enquiries from previously 'saved' fringe benefits pensioners after this year's bulk PCC run, asking about their PCC issue.  Pensioners should be advised that they can re-apply for pension (if they are entitled to even a small amount of pension they will be eligible for a PCC card), or if they are not entitled to any amount of pension they may be able to apply for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC).

Log of Problems

Staff involved with PCCs should be reminded that it is important that they keep a log of problems identified following the bulk issue of PCCs.  Every endeavour will be made to rectify any identified problems.

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Other Issues, Continued

> 7 Children in Assessment

As at 6 October 1997, there were 27 assessments nationally which identified more than seven children in an assessment.

Pensioners with more than seven children will be issued with two PCC's listing the names of seven children on one card and the remaining children on the second card.  Both veteran and partner will receive two cards.  This will result in 2 envelopes or sets of PCC's being posted to the household.

Contact Officers

Pat Webb                                                  Martin Dibb

Project Officer                                            Team Leader

(02) 6289 6444                                         (02) 6289 6751

Attachment A




Your new concession card is made of a light, durable plastic and is designed to last for twelve months, with reasonable care.

Unlike the earlier paper-based cards, there is no need to keep the concession card in a plastic case.  It can be stored in your normal wallet or purse, along with your other plastic cards and this will lengthen its life.

If you wish to store the concession card in a plastic case for ease of use, then the choice of plastic case is important. The stiffer, clear cases are normally acrylic and will cause damage to the concession card.  Try to use a softer, plastic case.  These usually have a slightly filmy colour and are softer to touch.

Things to avoid:

  •         carrying your concession card loose in your bag or pockets,
  •         leaving the concession card on the dashboard of the car or in direct sunlight,
  •         putting the concession card through the wash and the tumble drier, and
  •         allowing children to play with the card.


.......Please turn over - more information overleaf





Rail travel concessions offered to DVA pensioners by the Australian National Railways Commission (AN) will continue to be available following the sale of AN's passenger business to the Great Southern Railway Passenger consortium (as announced by the Government on 28th August 1997).

This includes all currently entitled veteran beneficiaries, their partners, and war widow(er)s in receipt of Income Support Supplement.

You will therefore, be able to continue to use your 1997 Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) and rail travel vouchers to obtain concessional travel on former AN services to the end of 1997.  This will also apply to your 1998 PCC and rail travel vouchers enclosed with this letter.

DVA and other key Commonwealth Departments involved in the sale of AN will continue to work with the new rail owners over the coming months to ensure a smooth transition of service to DVA pensioners during and after the change in ownership of AN.  We will advise you if there is any change to how you should go about arranging your concessional rail travel or if the nature of the concessions change.


Attachment B




The Department of Veterans' Affairs has arrangements in place to ensure that all Gold Card Holders and White Card Holders are covered for ambulance transport.  It is important to note however, what you should do when ordering your ambulance transport.

When ordering an ambulance you should:


Quote the number of your ambulance subscription card.
If you don't have one, then . . .


Quote the number on your Pensioner Concession Card (PCC).
If you don't have one, then . . .


Quote the number on your DVA gold or white card.

(The above applies only to eligible Veterans and War Widows)

Outside Victoria

If you are travelling interstate and you have a DVA gold or white entitlement card only, Veterans' Affairs will meet your ambulance costs to the nearest medical centre that is able to treat your condition.

DVA does not pay for the journey to your home after discharge from the interstate hospital.  Therefore (as services available may vary from State to State), you may wish to consider the option of “Travel Insurance” to cover your costs to return home.

If you need clarification of our ambulance policy, contact the Repatriation Transport Unit on (03) 9284 6525 or (03) 9284 6500 or on our toll free number 1800 113 304 and ask for extension 6525 or 6500.

Attachment C




(02) 9213 7777 (metropolitan residents) or

1 800 113 304 (country residents)


(02) 6267 1411 (metropolitan residents) or

1 800 046 088 (country residents).


(03) 9284 6000(metropolitan residents) or

1 800 113 304 (country residents) or

1 800 335 848 (interstate residents).


(07) 3223 8333  (metropolitan residents ) or

1800 113 304   (country residents) or

1800 777 634   (interstate residents).

(07) 472 23333  (Townsville residents) or

1800 019 304   (Nth Qld country residents).


(08) 8290 0555 (metropolitan residents) or

1800 113 304  (NT and SA country residents).


(08) 8927 0044 (metropolitan residents)


(08) 9366 8222 (metropolitan residents) or

1800 113 304 (country residents).


(03) 6221 6666 (metropolitan residents) or

1800 113 304 (country residents).



Centennial Plaza,

280 Elizabeth Street

Surry Hills  NSW  1141

GPO Box 3994

Sydney NSW 1141

The Argus Centre

300 Latrobe Street

Melbourne  VIC  3000

GPO Box 87A

Melbourne VIC 3001

AMP Place

10 Eagle Street

Brisbane  QLD  4000

GPO Box 651

Brisbane QLD 4001

River Quays Building

7 Tomlins Street

South Townsville  QLD  4810

GPO Box 651

Brisbane QLD 4001

Montpelier Building

21 Kirksway Place

Battery Point TAS 7004

GPO Box 481E

Hobart TAS 7001

Corner Moore and Rudd Streets

Canberra City  ACT  2600

GPO Box 3994

Sydney NSW 1141

Suite 8, Cascom Centre

15 Scaturchio Street

Casuarina  NT  0810

GPO Box 1652

Adelaide SA 5001

Blackburn House

199 Grenfell Street

Adelaide  SA  5000

GPO Box 1652

Adelaide SA 5001

AMP Building

140 St Georges Terrace

Cnr William Street

Perth WA 6000

GPO Box F352

Perth WA 6000

Attachment D

Arrangements for providing replacement

Travel Vouchers for Pensioner Concession Card holders In 1998.


Phone (02) 9224 2846  Fax (02) 9224 3466

For a period of 6 weeks after the bulk mailout, NSW State Rail have given authority to our NSW State Office to issue replacement vouchers on their behalf. System changes will enable NSW State Office to issue these vouchers until the 31 January 1998 without the system automatically voiding the vouchers.  Details of all cases where DVA reprint travel vouchers must be supplied to NSW State Rail.

The contact number for requesting replacement vouchers from the State Rail Concessions Office is (02) 9224 2846.  The Concessions Office will accept a written or faxed application from the person or from DVA (or DSS for their clients).  A faxed application via DVA should be on letterhead and include the client's name, address, entitlement number and the number of replacement vouchers required.


The Victorian Rail Authority have given our Victorian State Office authority to issue replacement vouchers on their behalf for an indefinite period.  System changes have been made to allow the vouchers to be issued.


(07) 3235 2223

Queensland Rail (QR) have set up a Rail Concession Unit where people can apply for replacement vouchers and sign a Statutory Declaration in respect of lost/damaged vouchers.  A photocopy of the pensioners PCC is also required.  QR do a computer check and only replace unused vouchers.  The vouchers can only be replaced once in a calendar year.

For non-metropolitan clients, the unit has an arrangement with local rail stations to fax the Statutory Declaration to the RCU, and send the original later.  Alternatively, people can get a Statutory Declaration at the local police station, pay their half fare concession and apply for a refund to the voucher equivalent after their travel.  This procedure should be confirmed by ringing the above number in the first instance.

Travel Voucher replacement arrangements, Continued


1800 888 417 (Toll Free)

The Australian National Railways Office (ANRO) has a General Reservations office which people can ring for information.  ANRO will not replace the vouchers, but if the person fills out an application, they will provide them with a ticket in place of the voucher.

It is anticipated that this process will not change with the sale of ANRO to the Great Southern Railways Passenger Consortium in October 1997.


(08) 9326 2222 - Westrail Switch

For a period of 6 weeks after the bulk mailout, Westrail have given authority to our WA State Office to issue replacement vouchers on their behalf. System changes will enable WA State Office to issue these vouchers until the 31 January 1998 without the system automatically voiding the vouchers.

After this date period people can phone Westrail on (08) 9326 2222 - they will then be put through to the Refunds Officer who will advise of the necessary arrangements when applying for replacement vouchers.  Westrail will not accept personal applications.  Westrail check that the vouchers have not been presented before replacing them.

Note:  Westrail charge $8.00 for replacement vouchers.

Attachment E







National Office

Pat Webb

Martin Dibb

Wayne McGrath

Phuoc Ngo-da

(02) 6289 6444

(02) 6289 6444

0411 241 253

(02) 6289 4705

(02) 6289 6686

(02) 289 6553

(02) 6289 6553

(02) 6289 6339

(02) 6289 6339

New South Wales

Sue Cooney

(02) 9213 7874

(02) 9213 7885


Judy Halligan

Peter Rogers

(03) 9284 6430

(03) 9284 6379

(03) 9284 6797


Stephen Harkin

(07) 3223 8519

(07) 3223 8533

South Australia

Maria Lewandowski

(08) 8290 0439

(08) 8290 0412

Western Australia

Clynton Aitken

(08) 9366 8417

(08) 9366 8239


Catherine Rapley

(03) 6221 6661

(03) 6221 6610