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C40/1997 Claimant known to a staff member



Claimant known to a staff member

On 10 December 1984 the Repatriation Commission made the following determination

(a)               claims for pension or applications for increase from Departmental Officers or statutory office holders (members of the VRB) are not to be determined in their State of origin; and

(b)               Determining Officers do not determine a claim or application relating to any person known personally to him/her.

This determination is still valid and applies to Claims Assessors. It was reissued at the introduction of CCPS and is contained within the Procedures Manual in the CCPS Research Library.  Major ESO representatives fall within the definition of a person known personally to a Claims Assessor.

It is required that a Claims Assessor declare his or her knowledge of a claimant and pass the case on to another person for processing. Any claims or applications for increase in pension from ESO representatives, Departmental Officers and statutory office holders are to be sent interstate for determining to ensure that fairness is seen to be carried out.

A number of deviations from this instruction have occurred in recent times.  It is imperative that Claims Assessors are again made aware of this instruction and that Team Leaders remind staff of it periodically. If any doubt exists as to where a case should be processed the Director Compensation or equivalent should be consulted.

Peter Reece

DH Compensation and Support