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GRUBB FINANCE (For specific Grubb financial investments where the exemption date was established by DVA before 25 May 2000 also see Rowena Nominees Pty Ltd and Oakleigh Acquisitions Pty Ltd)

Any financial investment made by a person with Grubb Finance, including any business, whether associated with, or an agent of, Grubb Finance, where the person held a reasonable belief that the investment had been made in, or through, Grubb Finance where the financial investment is not operating to provide any return.

Grubb Finance means the business that traded, or is trading, as the case requires, through Graeme Grubb Finance Broker.

Exemption Date - see table below for Effective Dates


Asset Value

Effective Date


of the face value of the investment

Income Value


no actual income is being paid

  1. where a period can be established for which a return on the financial investment was last paid, the day after the end of that period; or
  2. where no period under paragraph (a) above is able to be established, the earlier of:

  1.     24 May 1999; or

  1.   the day on which an application, or a request, for exemption under section 46L of the Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986 was made, or sought, by or on behalf of the person.