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1.7 Exclusions

Certain payments are excluded as compensation for the purposes of compensation offsetting:

  1. The VEA definition of compensation excludes any amount that represents expenses incurred in medical or hospital treatment.
  2. The Repatriation Commission has adopted a policy whereby specified party/party legal costs, are not to be regarded as being in the scope of the definition of compensation. (DI C40/2005 refers).  These costs are to be deducted from the amount of other compensation received before calculating the offset;
  3. Severe Injury Adjustment and Additional Death Benefits paid under the Defence Act 1903.  (Section 73A of VEA)
  4. Payments of superannuation, including when paid on the basis of unemployability;
  5. Payments made by the Defence Forces Retirement and Death Benefit (DFRDB);
  6. Payments made by the Military Superannuation Benefits Scheme (MSBS);
  7. Private Insurance Policies - eg Income Protection Insurance, Salary Continuance Benefits and life assurance.  These payments are only considered to be compensation if an employer took out the policy to provide worker's compensation cover for an employee.




Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986.