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1.5 What is Considered Compensation for Offsetting

Other compensation can be received either as a periodic payment or as a lump sum payment from a number of sources.  The definitions of compensation to be offset against Disability Compensation Payment are found in subsections 30B(1) and 74(1) of the VEA and include the following:

  • any payment in the nature of compensation; or
  • any damages recoverable at law from a Commonwealth, a State, a Territory or any other person, in respect of injury to, or the death of, a person; or
  • any amount paid under a compromise or settlement of a claim for damages, in respect of injury to, or the death of, a person.

The cost of treatment provided by the Department is recoverable under section 93 of the VEA.  Compensation payments can also impact the amount of certain income support benefits payable under sections 59M to 59ZM




Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986.