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Diagnostic commentary for blepharitis


Confirmation of a diagnosis of blepharitis

To investigate this condition you will need to know whether the condition is acute blepharitis or chronic blepharitis.

If the available evidence establishes the blepharitis as chronic or acute then you should confirm the diagnosis.  However, if this is not the case then you should indicate that the diagnosis is not confirmed. A Diagnostic report (?) will then be generated which will allow you to request information regarding the type of blepharitis from the appropriate source.

[Note, information re the chronic or acute nature of the blepharitis may be obtained quickly by telephoning the veteran's local doctor - however, in some instances the veteran's doctor may be unwilling to disclose this information over the phone to a lay person and a DMO may be more successful in obtaining the information.]

Diagnostic criteria for blepharitis


The veteran's blepharitis in side and site of the body is acute.

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Acute blepharitis on service


The clinical onset of the veteran's blepharitis of side and site of the body occurred on operational service.