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71.3.1 Australian Cadet Corps


The Australian Cadet Corps is established by S62 of the Defence Act 1903. Section 62 of the Defence Act 1903 states:

Australian Cadet Corps

62(1) There shall be an Australian Cadet Corps.

62(2) The Australian Cadet Corps shall consist of:

a)persons appointed in accordance with the regulations to be officers in that body

aa)persons appointed in accordance with the regulations to be instructors in that body, and

b)subject to Subsections (5) and (6), persons who volunteer, and are accepted, in accordance with the regulations as cadets in that body.

62(3) A person appointed to be an officer or instructor in the Australian Cadet Corps does not become a member of the Army by virtue of that appointment.

62(4) A cadet in the Australian Cadet Corps is not a member of the Army.

62(5) A person is not entitled to volunteer, or to be accepted, as a cadet unless he:

a)has attained such age as is prescribed, and

b)has not attained the age of 20 years.

62(6) A person ceases to be a cadet when he attains the age of 21 years or such lower age as is prescribed.

62(7) The regulations may make provision for and in relation to the organization, maintenance, regulation, control and discipline of the Australian Cadet Corps, and, in particular, for and in relation to:

a)the periods and conditions of service of members, other than conditions of service with respect to which determinations under Section 58B may be made, and

b)the promotion of members.

62(8) In Subsection (7), 'member' means an officer, instructor or cadet in the Australian Cadet Corps.

62(9) Subject to the regulations, to any determinations in force under Section 58B and to the directions of the Minister, the Chief of Army shall administer the Australian Cadet Corps.