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63.4.7 Declarations of Warlike Service and Non-warlike Service - S5C(1)

East Timor

Ministerial Determinations have been made in respect of service in East Timor and adjacent waters:

Non-warlike service:

OPERATION FABER (19/6/99 – 15/9/99)

OPERATION SLIPPER (6/9/99 – 19/9/99)

Warlike Service:

OPERATION TANAGER (from 20/2/00)

OPERATION STABILISE (16/9/99 – 23/2/00)

OPERATION FABER (16/9/99 – 23/2/00)

OPERATION WARDEN (16/9/99 – 10/4/00)

Afghanistan and the 'War on Terrorism'

The Minister made a Declaration of Warlike Service on 7 December 2001 covering members of the ADF who were allotted for service on or after 11 October 2001 with OPERATION SLIPPER in one of two Specified Areas. Specified Area 1 is a large geographical area covering Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Middle East and parts of Africa, Russia, India and the Central Asian Republics. Specified Area 2 is an area covering Diego Garcia and a radius of 250 nm out from that island.