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23.1 Protocols for Telephone Conversations and Personal Meetings with MRCC Clients


Telephone contact with compensation claimants can obviously be helpful in determining compensation claims more quickly than might be possible by written correspondence. MRCC Delegates are therefore encouraged to seek and receive information by telephone, especially in cases where it seems that it will be possible to determine or finalise the claim more quickly than may be possible otherwise.

It should be noted that if the claimant has a nominated legal representative in relation to his/her claim for compensation then:

  • contact should generally only be with the legal representative
  • if a Delegate considers that it is essential to speak to the claimant, the representative must be advised of the intention to speak to the claimant and must also be advised why it is considered necessary to speak directly to the claimant
  • if the representative indicates that the Delegate should not contact the claimant directly, the Delegate should not then seek to make that contact, and
  • if the representative suggests alternatives which may allow the Delegate to obtain any necessary information, the Delegate should remain open to any such suggestions.

It should be noted that if the claimant has a nominated non legal representative in relation to his/her claim for compensation then MRCC should initiate contact with the client in the first instance.

If the claimant telephones the Department an ID check will need to be undertaken prior to any information being given or received in relation to a claim.  Standard Departmental procedures should be followed and these can be found in Chapter 2.2 of the Compensation and Support Procedure Library in CLIK.  It is not necessary to complete the forms listed in that chapter however a file note must be made in Defcare and should include a notation that an ID check was completed whenever a change is to be made to a claimant's record. Where required this note will be used as verification for changes sent to QCS.  Particular attention is drawn to the requirement for additional information that must be supplied in the event of a change of method of payment.  For SRCA claims a DVA file number is not necessary.

Written verification of changes in bank details is required for suppliers.