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C22/1999 New policy relating to payment for CCPS medical reports and GARP medical reports


DATE OF ISSUE:  19 July 1999

New policy relating to payment for CCPS medical reports and GARP medical reports


In response to concerns raised about the inadequacy of remuneration for completing some CCPS medical reports and GARP medical reports, the policy concerning payment for this service has been changed.

This Departmental Instruction advises claims and reviews processing staff about the new payment arrangement.

The current policy

Currently, medical practitioners and specialists who complete CCPS and GARP medical reports are paid a fee per form, regardless of the number of pages in the form.

The new policy

From 6 July 1999, a fee per completed page for each form will be payable.

The new fee arrangement will apply to any completed GARP or CCPS forms received from 6 July 1999.

What is meant by “completed page”?

A completed page is one that substantively contains information relevant to the claimed or accepted condition.

A page that contains only the signature block and name and address details of the doctor is not a completed page, and so no fee is payable.

Changes to CCPS letters and standard letters

Letters generated by CCPS will be amended to reflect the new fee arrangement.  Claims assessors should check these letters to ensure that the new arrangement has been quoted.  If the old fee appears, claims assessors will need to manually alter the letters.

Any non-CCPS generated letters that are used to confirm appointments or request medical information will also need to be amended to reflect the new arrangements.


If you have any questions or concerns about this Departmental Instruction, please contact Ros Dawson (Assistant Director, National Operations Policy) on (02) 6289 6570.


Branch Head (Disability Compensation)

     July 1999