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C20/1999 VRB Registration Practices


DATE OF ISSUE:  6 July 1999

VRB Registration Practices

From August 1999 the Veterans' Review Board (VRB) will be introducing a new computer system to monitor its applications.

VRB Registration Practices

2.As part of that exercise, the VRB would like DVA to change from 1 July 1999 the way DVA registers VRB applications.  Currently, where a veteran seeks a review of both the entitlement decision and the assessment of pension rate, DVA registers and submits two VRB applications: one, entitlement and one, assessment.  The VRB wishes DVA to register these applications as one VRB entitlement application, ie. to give only one application number to the application, but indicate on the schedule that the application contains both an entitlement and assessment matter. The VRB will be separately identifying and reporting on the matters decided within the VRB applications.

Claims Management System

3,In these situations of dual entitlement and assessment applications separate entitlement and assessment cases should continue to be recorded on CMS.

Other VRB requests

4.The VRB has also asked that, from 1 July 1999, DVA provide the VRB with the client unique identifier with the schedule.  This data will be included in the VRB's new computer system and will help the VRB to overcome the problem of DVA file numbers changing when claimants transfer interstate.  The VRB will use the DVA unique identify in the same way as DVA intends using the number.  The unique identifier can be obtained from VIEW under Personal Details tab.

5.The data the VRB needs at that time of notification of the application is:

  • Name
  • Address

  • Client ID
  • DVA file no
  • Whether entitlement and/or assessment
  • Decision(s) under review
  •       If not veteran, the relationship to the veteran, and the veteran's name

6.The VRB would also like the following extra data either at that time or with the section 137 report:

  • Dates of eligible service (these can be found within the decision or from VIEW)
  • Date of veteran's death (if relevant).


7.              Could you please make arrangements to implement the above changes from 1 July 1999 or as soon as possible after 1 July 1999.



28 June 1999