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DVA registered health providers

There are many advantages in referring a client to a DVA registered health provider. This is because if that health provider is a registered DVA provider, they can source RAP aids and appliances directly through a DVA contracted supplier. DVA registered health providers can also invoice the Department directly for their work in sourcing, ordering and instructing clients on the safe use of aids and appliances provided through RAP.

Providers who are registered with the Department of Human Services (formerly Medicare Australia) to provide services through the Medical Benefits Scheme are automatically registered with DVA to provide health services to our clients. However, providers also need to complete a DVA Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) Agreement before they can be recognised as a registered DVA health care provider. An RCTI Agreement allows DVA to issue GST compliant Tax Invoices on behalf of the provider and is required for all GST-registered health providers to do business with DVA.

Further information about this process is available from the Becoming a DVA service provider page on the DVA website.


Health providers who are not DVA registered providers

If the health professional conducting the assessment for aids and appliances is not a DVA registered provider, then the costs associated with them sourcing, ordering and if needed, providing instructions on correct use of the aids and appliances provided through RAP, should be included in the cost of case managing the rehabilitation plan.