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10.11 Compensation for purchase of new or second hand motor vehicles for DRCA clients

Last amended 
9 October 2023

The Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission has provided in-principle agreement to aligning assistance with motor vehicles under the MRCA, DRCA and the VEA.
This means the types of impairment which may attract a subsidy towards the purchase of a motor vehicle under DRCA include:

  • the loss of, or the loss of the use of, a leg or both legs; or
  • the loss of, or the loss of the use of, both arms; or
  • acquired brain injuries resulting in catastrophic impairment; or
  • spinal injuries resulting in the loss of voluntary power in a leg or legs or both arms; or
  • conditions which have a similar impact on mobility to amputations or spinal injuries.

In all cases where a client indicates that they are experiencing difficulties with driving, a referral must be made to a Driver Trained Occupational Therapist for an assessment of the client's needs and the barriers that they are experiencing with driving their current vehicle in safety and reasonable comfort. There is no requirement for Rehabilitation Coordinators to utilise the Rehabilitation Appliances Program for assistance with motor vehicles, even if the client holds a DVA Health Card.

The provision of a subsidy towards the cost of purchasing a suitable motor vehicle under DRCA can only be considered where an existing vehicle is not suitable for modification. More information on this can be found in Section 10.10.3 of this library. It is important that DVA Rehabilitation Coordinators and rehabilitation providers manage client's expectations appropriately from the time a request for assistance is made. 

All requests for the purchase of a motor vehicle under the DRCA are to be emailed for consideration to the Employment and Rehabilitation Branch at Please ensure that all relevant information, including an up to date Driver Trained OT report and all of their recommendations are included with the request.

Vehicle modifications for DRCA clients

Information about vehicle modifications for DRCA clients can be found in section 10.10 of this library.