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10.2.3 The RAP Schedule

Last amended 
1 May 2019

 The RAP National Schedule of Equipment (the Schedule) underpins the RAP program. Once an assessment has been completed, the assessing health provider is required to check whether the recommended aid or appliance is available through the RAP by checking the current RAP Schedule.

There are specific RAP National Guidelines for complex aids and appliances or those that have additional assessment processes.  The Guidelines will cover eligibility for each item, and the assessment process required. The guidelines should be read alongside the RAP Schedule. These items are clearly identified in the comments section of the RAP Schedule with the phrase RAP National Guidelines apply.

If the assessing health professional is a registered health provider, then the process for requesting items to which the RAP National Guidelines apply is straightforward. More information about DVA registered health providers can be found in section 10.2.6 in this library.

The assessing health provider is required to recommend the most cost effective and clinically appropriate aids and appliances, in quantities that meet clinical need.

The supply of aids and appliances that are not listed on the Schedule must be referred in writing to for consideration.  Requests should be submitted by an appropriately qualified health provider.  Health providers are required to submit a comprehensive assessment report demonstrating the eligible veteran client’s clinical need for the item, and include evidence that the need is not able to be met by the items already available on the RAP Schedule.