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10.2.1 The Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP)

Last amended 
1 May 2019

The Rehabilitation Appliances Program aims to provide aids, appliances and modifications that support veterans and their families through the provision of aids and appliances that may minimise the impact of disabilities, enhance quality of life, facilitate participation in the community and maximise independence when undertaking daily living activities and enhance overall well-being.

Clients may be eligible for RAP if they have an assessed clinical need for an aid or appliance and a:

  • Gold Card; or
  • White Card and the RAP equipment is for their accepted condition/s.

It is important to note that White Card holders are also provided with treatment and access to aids and appliances for certain conditions covered through the non-liability health care provisions once an application form has been submitted. This means that for example, if a person requires aids and appliances due to the impacts of cancer, but cancer is not an accepted condition, the aids and appliances can still be provided by RAP through the non-liability health care conditions.

Any requests for vehicles, including modifications to vehicles, should not be referred to RAP and should be considered under the relevant vehicle schemes. Further information about the relevant schemes can be found in section 10.12 in this library for the Motor Vehicle Compensation Scheme under MRCA, the CLIK Compensation and Support Policy Library for the Vehicle Assistance Scheme under the VEA and section 10.10 in this library for the relevant DRCA provisions.