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10.2.2 The RAP Assessment Process

Last amended 
1 May 2019

There are a number of health professionals who may be involved in the RAP assessment process. These include:

  • General Practitioners (GPs)
  • Medical Specialists
  • Registered Nurses; and
  • Allied Health professionals

The RAP National Schedule of Equipment (RAP Schedule) identifies the most suitable health provider to assess, source and order each aid or appliance, under the “Assessing Health Provider” column. A list of approved assessing health providers can be found on page vii of the Schedule.

The Schedule also identifies the types of assessments recommended for each item and recommended assessments should be undertaken before an aid or appliance is prescribed or issued. Consideration must be given to whether an aid and/or appliance is suitable for the person’s clinical need and supported by evidence from a suitably qualified health professional.