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15 Goal Attainment Scaling

Last amended 
4 June 2019



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An image showing the range of Goal Attainment Scaling outcomes

Overview of Goal Attainment Scaling

Goal Attainment Scaling is used within a DVA client’s Rehabilitation Plan to determine appropriate goals for the client, measure those goals against a standardised scale and, importantly, measure change and progress in the client’s functioning, employment, social and wellbeing outcomes.

Goal Attainment Scaling is a vital tool in DVA's rehabilitation program, as DVA clients often present with complex physical, psychological and social problems and may require a variety of rehabilitation goals.

Through a client-centred approach to goal development, DVA is able to improve rehabilitation outcomes within the framework of DVA’s whole-of-person model.  It enables the comprehensive measurement of outcomes arising from a broad range of medical management, vocational and psychosocial goals, and highlights for the client the broad range of activities that make up a DVA Rehabilitation Plan.

Note: a PowerPoint presentation on Goal Attainment Scaling is available on the DVA website's Rehabilitation Service Provider page.

Rehabilitation Goals are what the client wants to achieve through their rehabilitation plan.  They will have a vocational, medical management or psychosocial focus.  An example for each is provided below.

  • Vocational goal – return to sustainable part-time work.
  • Medical Management goal – identify appropriate medical professionals in my local area and start accessing treatment regularly.
  • Psychosocial goal – to increase level of social activity and community participation.

A client may be working towards a mix of vocational, medical management and/or psychosocial goals concurrently, or may initially focus on achieving specific types of goals (e.g. medical management goals) before moving on to others. This will be determined by what is most appropriate for each client given their individual circumstances and needs.