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64.1.2 Lump-sum compensation for losses under the 1971 Act


A claimant may be entitled to lump-sum compensation under the 1971 Act if the claimed impairment is of a kind specified in Ss39 – 42 of that Act:

  • S39(2) – loss of sight of one or both eyes
  • S39(4) – specified losses set out in a Table (often referred to as a 'Table of Maims'), including losses of hearing, speech, arms, legs, fingers, toes, etc.
  • S40 – loss of genitals, breasts or the capacity to engage in sexual intercourse
  • S41 – facial disfigurement
  • S42 – total and permanent loss of the sense of taste or smell.

More detailed commentary and guidance on 1971 Act permanent impairment claims, including the Table of Maims is available in the Permanent Impairment handbook, Chapter 8.1.1.
This includes statutory rates of payment for various conditions and specific detail on claims against the conditions mentioned in the previous paragraph. The statutory rates for lump-sum compensation under the 1971 Act were increased on a regular basis to protect the value of the compensation from the effects of inflation.

  • MCRI 18 : Claims for non-economic loss in respect of permanent impairments which occurred before 1 December 1988.
  • DCI 8 : MRCC Policy for Determination of Claims for Permanent Impairment Arising from Injuries Occurring Before 1 December 1988.